(Applied Innovations for Development & Emergency Relief)

The Suitcase Saver is the latest evolution of the SG Water AIDER range to support humanitarian disaster relief and sustainable development. Its predecessors include the StepPure, PedalPure and iWater, which were all manually powered through pedaling or stepping motions.

Started in 2008, innovations under SG Water AIDER seek to appropriately serve the actual needs of disadvantaged, rural and disaster-hit communities.

In tandem, it hopes to inspire development drivers and the young, towards novelty for nobility, where compassion is put into creative motion and appropriate application.

Key design considerations for innovations include:

  • Potability of water (effective treatment)
  • Portability of equipment (efficient transportation for easy access)
  • Appropriateness of technology (costs and friendliness of product, operations and maintenance)

Suitcase Saver series

The Suitcase Saver 500 (SS500) is the latest, most compact and lightest system within the SS series and from the SG Water AIDER range. It churns around 500 litres of potable water hourly via ultra filtration and treatment system using the Cembrane A/S next-generation superflux ceramic (silicon carbide) membrane for humanitarian relief purposes.

It removes suspended solids including bacteria and algae, kills viruses and neutralises chemical.

Its compact size and dry weight of 28kg, allows for normal luggage check-in and complies with IATA's workplace health regulations for cargo handlers. It is easily transportable to remote areas by small airplanes, boats, cars or motorbikes.

Given the availability of car and motorbike batteries, even at disaster-hit countries, the SS is designed to be powered by 12V DC batteries for easy access to local power sources.

The SS is fitted with a back-wash mechanism that self-cleans the filters.

With a durability of up to 15 years, the premium superflux silicon carbide filter is much eco-friendlier than polymer membrane as the latter requires frequent replacements and are non-biodegradable.

  • Higher flow rate with more efficient and durable membrane filter
  • Lighter with more robust controls and parts
  • 'Closed-Box' operation with external-mounted switches for greater system protection and minimal noise
  • Quick-release hoses and power connections for swift and simpler system start-up
  • Higher UV dosage with operation light indicator for water safety control and monitoring
  • Higher performance submersible pump with 6 metres discharge for higher flow and increased on-site deployment options
  • Pressure gauge for system performance monitoring
  • More compact re-designed control box for more efficient system operations
SS500 SS400 SSbasic
Dry Weight (kg) ~28 ~34 ~36
Flow Rate (ɩ/hr) ~500 ~400 ~400
Submersible Pump Performance (m) ~6 ~5 ~2.5
Operations Closed-box Closed-box Open box