Water – Not Scarce but Not Unlimited

Water scarcity is humans' self–infliction. This global crisis is caused by poor management and use of water resources to meet basic human and agricultural needs, exacerbated by the growing need to satisfy industrial ventures and commercial gains.

Water is key to mankind's survival, sustenance and sustainability. The major challenge is the ever-increasing demands for water, which now exceeds readily available supply.

Aquayana seeks to contribute towards a secured water future, especially for rural, sub-urban, coastal and disaster-prone areas, via practical, smart and sustainable solutions.

Sulawesi Quake-Tsunami Relief
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Kerala Floods Relief
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Myanmar Floods Relief
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Laos Floods Relief
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Aquayana jointly organised the 40th anniversary of the Singapore River clean-up and shared on its evolution of innovations.

Latest: SS500 using Cembrane superflux 0.1 micron membrane